COVID-19 Update 09/28/2021


In an effort to comply with the new Federal requirement of informing residents, responsible parties and families to the number of confirmed positive COVID-19 virus cases within Transitional Care of Las Vegas, we will be updating this website on a regular basis.  The following is a summary of the number of positive cases at Transitional Care of Las Vegas in response to COVID-19.

Today is 9/28/2021, Transitional Care of Las Vegas has had 0 positive employee and 2 positive resident cases.

Transitional Care of Las Vegas is halting visitations to mitigate the spread but allowing visitations in accordance with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services guidance.  The transmission rate in the state of Nevada is still high and to help mitigate and keep our residents and staff safe we ask that visitors be screened at the front lobby, wear a mask at all times, follow the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) protocols, and visit their loved one for 30 minutes each day.   Transitional Care of Las Vegas will continue to comply with the visitation protocols and regulations regarding “outbreak” status. Transitional Care of Las Vegas will continue to offer compassionate care visits as well.

Visiting Hours are from 8 AM to 8 PM.  All visitors must be screened and masked prior to visiting the resident.